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Camp Director/Operations Coordinator Jeremy Spann

Jeremy is equally excited to lead both the Lake Nixon Outdoor Preschool and the Lake Nixon Summer Day Camp programs.

Throughout his life Jeremy has walked many paths, but through this new role at Lake Nixon Outdoor Center he has been blessed to find the most meaningful work, guiding youth from prekindergarten through middle school on their many adventures and building their faith in God.

Jeremy is a kid at heart, who is lucky enough to have married the love of his life, Elizabeth Spann. They have been blessed with two children, Kenneth and Miles. Jeremy brings to this new role a background in environmental science, his experience as a middle school educator, and serving the community through the Little Rock Climbing Center.

Jeremy seeks to provide the children and families of Central Arkansas with a trusted environment to grow, play, and learn. He looks forward to growing a meaningful relationship with the wonderful community surrounding Second Baptist, and fulfill his calling to serve through Lake Nixon Outdoor Center. You can contact Jeremy by emailing him at

Preschool Director Monica Woods

Monica is our Program Developer/Lead Educator and she has been with us since summer staff orientation back in late May 2017. She whole-heartedly believes that children should have the opportunity to connect to the outdoors and is astounded at how everything she has done up until this point has prepared her for this amazing opportunity.

Monica is a native Texan, but got here as fast as she could. She moved to Little Rock in 2008, after falling in love with it while visiting family here for many years. She loves to surprise outsiders with stories of some of the beautiful places here, but always stops short from telling all she knows because she would really like for Arkansas to remain a secret.

She has two children, Tristan and Lucia, whom she chooses to spend time with above just about anyone else, and never takes for granted the gift of being a parent.

After backcountry guiding for several years in Colorado and Wyoming, nine years in the classroom and ten years homeschooling her own kids, Monica then tutored dyslexic students at Catholic High School before serving in her current position at Lake Nixon. Monica is an avid rock climber and often enjoys climbing in Northwest Arkansas, as well as in other parts of the U.S.

After doing her own research into outdoor preschools for many years, Monica could not be more excited to have this chance to provide this nature immersion experience for young children right here in Little Rock. You can email Monica at

FAQ What are your facility rental rates?

Rental rates for the facility are $4 per person for a 4 hour block use of the entire facility. There is a $150 minimum due upon reservation. Rental times slots are seasonal and available upon request. Lifeguards must be present for swimming and require an additional $30 per swimming hour. Contact Jeremy for more information at

Welcome to God's Country


Offering you more.

More Than Just a Swimming Hole!

Lake Nixon has been well known as a local swimming home for more than 50 years. As time has passed, these hallowed grounds have grown to provide the community with much more than just old fashioned swimming…but Lake Nixon is still the best swimming hole in town.

Meet the New Lake Nixon.

200+ acres of pure recreational fun. A 35 acre lake. Fish. Hike. Picnic. Mountain Bike. Swim. Paddle board or Paddleboat. Lake Nixon has opportunities for all families to experience natural beauty.

Lake Nixon is a hidden gem you have to see to believe!

The Lake Nixon Outdoor Center is a very short drive from mid-town Little Rock, but as soon as you reach the grounds you know you’ve left the city behind.

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Our facilities are available for rental year round. Of course the summer lends itself more towards swimming, boating, but we have several destinations throughout the grounds that are worth the hike any time of the year. Spring and fall are great times for family reunions, fishing and good ol’ fashion outside play. During the winter we’ll have a bonfire ready and waiting for you.

Learn more about all that Lake Nixon has to offer your family.

Outdoor Preschool
Education in its natural state!

In addition to 123s and ABCs, a new movement of preschools is taking kids outdoors--come rain or shine, heat or cold--to learn and grow as they connect with nature!

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