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What is the Lake Nixon Outdoor Center?

The Lake Nixon Outdoor Center is a ministry of Second Baptist Church, Downtown Little Rock. We have the privilege and responsibility to be stewards of this unique location so near the heart of the city. Our mission is to care for this place and to share it with others so that they may experience God through recreation, education, and sanctuary.

Lake Nixon is a “front porch” for the church–i.e., an inclusive gathering space for people from all across our community. Most members of the Lake Nixon staff and participants in Lake Nixon programs are not members of Second Baptist.

Lake Nixon relies on program fees to cover annual budgeted expenses, and on generous donations from the community to subsidize accessible program fees and to offer financial assistance.

What is Lake Nixon Summer Day Camp All About?

The goal of day camp at Lake Nixon is to provide classic “camp” experiences that allow young people to have fun, develop skills, grow in character, and learn to love and care for God’s creation (especially that part of it we call “the outdoors”) by enjoying it—and each other. To summarize what we are about, we use the acronym “SAFE”:


    • Outdoor adventures play a central role in our program. Campers will have opportunities to learn new technical skills–such as paddling a boat, catching fish, shooting an arrow, or identifying poison ivy. But camp activities are more than just fun pastimes. They help campers develop character traits that will become part of who they are: friendship and fairness; independence and teamwork; responsibility and confidence to take appropriate risks/try new things; and more. 


    • We want to “see” (recognize, acknowledge, appreciate, respect) each camper in their uniqueness and help campers learn to do the same for each other. 


    • We want everyone to enjoy their time here at camp and we strive to offer diverse activities for campers. We know that different campers will have unique interests and preferences. We will strive to provide a blend of structured and free/optional times, times with larger and smaller groups, etc.


    • We provide campers with the chance to experience a technology “detox.” Camp is a time to take a break from screens and for campers to interact with and develop meaningful relationships with peers, with the staff, and with God’s creation.

By SAFE we also mean that no intentional harm will come to campers or staff. Accidents will happen, and feelings may sometimes get hurt. When this happens we will provide necessary care, whether by applying a band-aid, or by taking time to listen and provide comfort.

Is Lake Nixon a ``Church Camp``?

The Lake Nixon Outdoor Center is a ministry of Second Baptist Church, downtown Little Rock, and has been for going on 53 years. Lake Nixon and its programs serve as a “front porch” of the church.

This is a space where all kinds of people can gather, feel welcome, and get to know each other in the context of God’s beautiful creation–the gift upon which all our lives depend, and a source of joy and beauty.

There are visible signs around the property and facilities that Lake Nixon is the ministry of a Christian congregation. We certainly hope that many who spend time on our “front porch” will want to learn more about our church and come “inside,” so to speak, to experience our shared faith and life together through worship services, other Christian faith formation opportunities, and more. Read more about our history here.

However, in keeping with the character of Lake Nixon as a “front porch” or “threshold,” Christian faith formation is not an explicit part of our summer day camp program. Our campers come from a wide variety of faith backgrounds. Most of our staff are not members of Second Baptist, though they are aware that they serve as indirect representatives of the church. As stated above (and in the Parent Handbook), the focus of day camp is growing in confidence and character by developing skills, making friends, and having fun in the context of that part of God’s creation we tend to call “the outdoors.”

Lake Nixon Outdoor Center Executive Director, Andy Black, is also a member of the Second Baptist Church pastoral staff, and is always happy to speak with anyone about Lake Nixon, 2BC, and everything in between!

What ages does Lake Nixon day camp serve?

Our summer programs are available for virtually all school-age children and youth:

    • Lower Camp is for children who have completed Kindergarten-5th grade (or rising 1st-6th graders).
    • Upper Camp is for youth who have completed 6th-8th grade (or rising 7th-9th graders)
    • Though not a program, young people 16 or older may apply to join our staff certified lifeguards for camp staff and for our other group events. If someone is interested in becoming a lifeguard, we can help coordinate a course and exam. Lake Nixon will pay the course/exam fee for any lifeguards who join and stay on our staff.
How much does camp cost?

Summer 2023 Day Camp Pricing Structure

Our camp prices are formatted using a tiered pricing structure. In this format, you may choose the tier that best fits your family.

Our goal in offering tiered pricing is simple: we want to provide a memorable, and inclusive camp experience for all campers while providing opportunities for partnership for those who value this ministry and want to take an active role in sustaining Lake Nixon. Lake Nixon Summer Day Camp is funded solely through program fees. We also rely on community donations to offer lower, subsidized tuition rates as well as direct financial assistance (“camperships”). Anyone interested in being considered for financial assistance should submit a regular camp application (select “pay by check” rather than submitting a payment if you do not wish to be charged yet) **and** complete the separate (very short) financial assistance form available here.

Tier selection is completely voluntary and has no effect on your camper’s experience at Lake Nixon. We will not ask for any documentation to support your selection; you decide the level of commitment to Lake Nixon that best fits your family.

    • Tier I: $215/week, plus a one-time, non-refundable $40 registration fee. This is the lowest rate. Tier I is a subsidized rate and does not reflect the full cost of our summer camp program.
    • Tier II: $250/week plus a one-time, non-refundable $40 registration fee. This is a partially subsidized rate that is closer to the cost of camp itself.
    • Tier III: $285/week plus a one-time, non-refundable $40 registration fee. This rate most closely reflects the full year-round cost of making summer day camp at Lake Nixon possible, including equipment and supplies, insurance, facilities and groundskeeping/property maintenance, and more.
    • Upper Camp (middle schoolers) will have several weeks that feature off-property trips (schedule details are available on our website and inside the camp registration site). These weeks have an additional $75 fee (required) to cover activity fees and travel expenses. More information is available inside the official camp application website.

Families who register for four or more sessions will receive a 10% discount on their total tuition cost.

When is payment due?

All camp tuition payments are due in-full by May 23rd, 2023. Registrations made after this date (for example, adding a week later in the summer) will be allowed, with the understanding that full payment will be required before campers can be enrolled in any sessions.

If you are choosing to pay the one-time registration fee by check, we must receive that check within two weeks of the application date (or May 23rd, whichever comes first) for your camper to retain a spot. (If applying after May 23rd, registration fees will be due the day of application).

All camp tuition payments are due in-full by May 23rd, 2022. Registrations made after this date (for example, adding a week later in the summer) will be allowed, with the understanding that full payment will be required before campers can be enrolled in any sessions.


    • An initial $50 deposit per weekly session is due upon application (you will not be charged until we review applications and provisionally enroll your camper[s]).
    • The deposit will be applied toward your total tuition bill.
    • In the case of cancellations, we will not refund deposits after May 23, or 30 days before your first week of camp, whichever comes first.
How do I register my kids for camp?

To sign your camper up for a summer of fun, click here

Do you offer transportation?


Yes, we offer bus service for campers. This service is $35 per week. The bus stop is at the interchange of I-430 & I-630 at the commuter parking lot (753 S. Shackleford Rd., 72211).

Drop-off is between 7:30am-8am. Pick-up is between 5pm-5:30pm.

What is the camp schedule?


Lake Nixon Summer Day Camp runs for nine individual weekly sessions. In 2023, Week 1 will be June 5-9. Week 9 will be August 7-11.

Please note: there will not be camp the week of July 3-7, 2023.

The main camp day runs from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

More schedule details can be found in the additional Q&A below and, especially, in the Parent Handbook.

Where is Lake Nixon located?

Our address:

18500 Cooper Orbit Road Little Rock, AR 72210
We are:
    • 7 minutes from Kroger on Chenal
    • 4 Minutes from Colonel Glenn and I-430
    • 9 Minutes from Baptist Hospital
    • 8 Minutes From Bass Pro and Otter Creek
    • 13 Minutes From UAMS
    • 5 Minutes From Woodlands Edge
Does Lake Nixon offer scholarships?

It is very important to us that opportunities to enjoy recreation, education, and sanctuary in this beautiful place are financially accessible. For the summer of 2023 we will have limited funds available to help campers and families whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from experiencing summer day camp.

If you are able, please help make the fun, friendships, and memories of Lake Nixon possible for more kiddos in 2023 by making a donation. You can give to the 2022 Scholarship and Sustaining campaign at

We received a large volume of request for financial assistance in 2023. After May 23, the financial assistance application will no longer be available. If you still want to be considered for assistance, due to particular circumstances, you can send an email to or call 501-744-8878 to ask about any availability.

Who do I contact if I have questions about camp?
For more information, contact
What are some of the differences between Lower Camp and Upper Camp?

Upper Campers will be allowed to participate in a few upper-campers-only activities on the camp property. In addition, during the even weeks (weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8), Upper Campers will take field trips:

  • Week 2: Big Rock Fun Park (Tuesday), Pinnacle Mountain (Thursday)
  • Week 4: Defy Trampoline Park (Tuesday), Pinnacle Mountain (Thursday)
  • Week 6: Big Rock Fun Park (Tuesday), Pinnacle Mountain (Thursday)
  • Week 8: Big Rock Fun Park (Tuesday), Pinnacle Mountain (Thursday)
Do you offer early drop-off/late pick-up?


    • This service is provided on a first-come, first serve basis.
    • This service is for BOTH early drop-off & late pick-up.
    • Early drop-off time begins at 7:30am.
    • Late pick-up is available through 5:30pm.
    • This service is an additional $50/week.
Do you provide lunch service or snacks?


This summer we plan to offer lunch service through Little Bites Catering. This will be the only lunch service option for 2023. Little Bites has been providing kid-friendly, nutritious lunches to schools in the Little Rock area for years.

For 2023, the charge for Little Bites lunches will be $6.50 per day. Orders will be placed on-line through Little Bites. You can check them out on Facebook at “Little Bites Catering 2Go.”

We will continue to offer snacks for all campers. We will provide two snacks a day: one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.