Lake Nixon Outdoor PreSchool

Lake Nixon Outdoor PreSchool is an all-weather learning community for children ages 3-5 that features opportunities for daily exploration in a beautiful, diverse outdoor setting.

Our program follows a Forest Kindergarten model of nature immersion with emphasis on natural rhythms, seasonal changes, and the natural sciences.

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Learning Philosophy
We encourage and build on each child's innate sense of wonder by guiding preschoolers with an inquiry-based teaching style. This builds autonomy as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Teachers work with each family to develop appropriate learning plans.
Children learn to be self-motivated, cooperative, respectful, grateful, and aware of their impact on the earth during their experiences with us. Outdoor adventures in all weather conditions facilitate healthy risk-taking. Our days include immersion in varied natural areas, helping to build a child's sense of place in the world.
Social-Emotional Growth
Experience in the outdoors builds confidence and strengthens students' social and emotional growth.

By learning to take acceptable risks, preschoolers' pride, self-worth, and perseverance also grows.

My child loves LNOP! He would live outdoors if we would let him. He can not wait to see his ‘school family’ every morning and never wants to leave in the afternoons.?I love that he is learning to be independent and improve his communication skills. It is also pretty amazing to watch his creativity and curiosity flourish in a natural setting.” — Preschool Parent

Community in the Outdoors
We encourage families to build positive attitudes toward all-weather possibilities, since, in a child’s mind, there is no “bad” weather, only endless opportunities to learn and play. Our teachers help families choose the appropriate clothing for children, so they will always be comfortable out-of-doors, and we provide. We also help families embrace the dirt and mess that comes with the fierce curiosity of a child blessed with daily nature immersion. It is crucial for us to create places of learning where children are encouraged in their love of the natural world and inspired to gain more knowledge of it.
The benefits of being outside of the “box.”
It is no secret that children need to be outside; that it is a right, not a privilege, and that they thrive when able to do so. It has also been shown that children who are able to play for long periods of time outdoors are happy and confident, as well as better prepared for future academic work. The Lake Nixon Outdoor Preschool will provide your child with learning opportunities not found in traditional settings. Our program provides the benefits of an outdoor preschool while ensuring that your child develops and practices age appropriate skills

Tuition and Fees

5-day/week (Monday through Friday): $650/month
3-day/week (M/W/F): $475/month
2-day/week (T/Th): $350/month
There is also a $200 annual supply fee.

**We are currently working to increase our scholarship funds so that, soon, income-based financial assistance is available.**


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