Summer 2024 Camp Transportation Information

We love sharing pictures of campers and staff having fun in the sun throughout the summer. Above all else, our priority is keeping everyone safe, so that they get the chance to come home at the end of each day “happy, dirty, and tired,” after building friendships, developing new social and physical skills, and growing in connection with God’s creation.

Part of keeping everyone safe is making sure that we coordinate all the ways that campers come to and leave Lake Nixon, which can get pretty complicated. Parents, please make sure that you’re reading emails, completing all required forms before the start of your camp weeks, signing up for the Campanion App (the best way to complete forms and receive photos and other camp news), and opting-in for text message updates!

Here are two other tools we’ve created to help


And here’s the short video we created to provide an overview of how the main car-line will work this year (mainly 8:30-9:00am and 3:30-4:15pm). Returning families, please watch! Things have changed for this year…….

A few updates to the video:

    • Extended Day campers will be dropped-off and picked-up at Gate B (across from where buses are parked). If you are signed up for extended day, but plan to pick up your camper(s) before 4:15, please call the office ahead of time (501-744-8878). Extended day campers will not be with the standard day car riders from 3:30-4:15 unless we know they will be picked up then.
    • The release code for authorized grown ups does not need to be a 4 digit PIN. It can be a simple password or a different amount of numbers. The important part is that if you enter it on the form and share it with everyone you’ve authorized to pick up your camper(s), so long as we hear the release code, they will not need to produce photo ID.
    • If you are coming to Lake Nixon from the direction of Kanis Road and Spring Valley Manor neighborhood, you will need to go past the Lake Nixon buildings and make a U-turn at the “Y” (three-way) intersection at the corner of the lake, and then follow other cars up the gravel driveway. Please do not try to squeeze into the line going parallel to the curb in front of the welcome center and then block the road. During our busiest times (usually no more than 15 minutes), we sometimes have cars needing to sit on the westbound lane of Cooper Orbit, but we want to avoid having both lanes clogged.

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