Mandy Reid

Mandy Reid

Administrative Generalist


Mandy joined the Lake Nixon team in early 2024. She is a native Arkansan and a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas where she studied geography and linguistics. She’s a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness and loves sailing, camping, hiking, crafting, traveling, and deep dives learning new things. Mandy serves as the team’s Administrative Generalist and assures you that is a real title, she’s googled it.

She and her family relocated to Little Rock in 2020. As a longtime homeschool mom of three, she was excited to move to the city to be closer to museums, plays, and social activities…just as the pandemic set in and everything shut down! When everything reopened and her family regrouped, she decided to transition the kids to public school and prepared to re-enter the workforce. She committed to finding work that is more than just a job, something consistent with her values and that makes a positive impact on her community and environment. Working at Lake Nixon is a perfect fit because it combines so many things she loves: spending time outdoors every day, being part of a unique educational experience that provides healthy activity for bodies and minds, and engaging in and promoting creation care. So far, she has learned something new every day.

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